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Azzurra Certificazioni

Azzurra Certificazioni S.r.l. is an "A" Inspection Organization, enabled by the Ministry of Economic Development with DM of 07/08/2007 published in the Official Gazette No. 200 of 29/08/2007, to carry out periodic audits and outstanding pursuant to Presidential Decree 462/01.

Azzurra Certificazioni S.r.l. carrying out audits for:
- Installations and equipment for protection against lightning;
- Equipment grounding systems supplied with voltage up to 1000 V;
- Equipment grounding systems supplied with voltage over 1000 V;
- Electrical installations located in workplaces with the risk of explosion.

Making use of professionals with proven experience and verifiers that interface with agencies, businesses and individuals where there is the employer, Azzurra Certificazioni s.r.l. stands as a landmark in the field of electrical safety in the Sannio and across the country with local auditors.

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